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Heat Repair In Front Royal, VA

If your gas furnace isn’t doing its job, then Arctic Air Heating & Cooling has you covered with our heat repair services in Front Royal, VA. Our team has years of experience in providing comprehensive gas furnace and heat pump repair services for heating systems like yours so that we can come in and get the job done right. We’re proud to say that we’re factory authorized to provide heating repairs, which means that the company your system came from trusts us to fix it.

Our Products Include

exterior Air conditioner unit


We sell 14 Seer, 16 Seer, 17 Seer, and 18 Seer Equipment, all with great warranties!

Air conditioner maintenance


Electronic air cleaners reduce dust and particles in the air and will help to improve the quality of air in your home.

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Mini splits are an ideal choice for remodel jobs, additions, or jobs with limited space for duct installation.

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Regular and WiFi options are available.

Interior Air conditioner being repaired


Regular and steam humidifiers available.

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We have many options available in single stage or dual-stage capacities.

Air conditioner maintenance

What Are Signs You Need Repair?

When your furnace needs repairs, it will showcase certain signs. These signs can be obvious, like if the furnace isn’t pumping out hot air anymore, or they can be less clear, like if your utilities bills have gone up. A lack of noise or too much noise also signals that something is wrong. If you think you notice a sign that your furnace is broken, give us a call, and we’ll come out.

Another sign is if the pilot light will not stay on or if it has a yellow, red, or green flame rather than a blue one. This situation can be more dangerous than others because the color of the flame indicates what is being burned. So a change in color may mean that the furnace is burning rust, oil, or carbon monoxide. None are good for your health. Let us know right away if your pilot is the wrong color.

exterior Air conditioner unit

Air conditioner repair in front royal, va

Your air conditioner has a big responsibility during the hot summer months. So if your unit needs a repair, call Arctic Air Heating & Cooling right away. You don’t have to sweat it out in a hot and humid home. We provide fast and effective air conditioner repair in Front Royal, VA.

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When Do You Need AC Repair?

When your AC unit starts to have problems, don’t wait for those problems to get worse, or you may end up needing an AC replacement. Watch for signs that your unit needs repairs:

Air problems: When an AC unit needs repairs, it may blow warm air through the house. It could also have problems generating a sufficient airflow to reach the whole house and cool it thoroughly.

High utility bill: If you notice your utility bill has slowly gotten higher even though the weather hasn’t changed, your AC may be the problem. Your AC may have an air or water leak that uses excess energy, or it may cycle too often and generate high utility expenses.

Noises and smells: A tell-tale sign you need air conditioner repair is if you hear or smell something unusual coming from the AC. If you hear loud banging noises or smell something musty, you can call us to schedule a maintenance inspection to fix or further protect your air conditioning system.

If you notice any of these signs, give us a call about any air conditioner repair services needed. Our full-service technicians will make sure your unit is fixed effectively and efficiently to spare you even bigger repairs in the future.

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